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Krister Malm, b.1941 in Stockholm, Sweden, holds a Ph.D. in (ethno)musicology and is professor of (ethno)musicology at Gothenburg University (i.e. Swedish title "docent" 1984). He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, a founding member and also until 2019 a member of the Executive Board of FREEMUSE - World Forum on Music and Censorship, member of the jury for "Zornmärket" (the Swedish Awards for Traditional Musicians), Honorary Member of International Council for Traditional Music, European Seminar in Ethnomusicology, and MEDIACULT (the Unesco affiliated institute for media and culture in Vienna). Society for Ethnomusicology Charles Seeger lecturer (1991) and recipient of the Japanese Koizumi Fumio Prize in Ethnomusicology (2007). In Mbarara, Uganda, The Krister Malm Girl's High School for education of girls in traditional music and dance and general subjects is named after Krister Malm.


In the 1960s he was research fellow in charge of the laboratory for research in rhythmical structures at the Institute for musicology at Uppsala University in Sweden and also active as music columnist and broadcaster employed by the Music Department at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation and as jazz musician (saxophone). As assistant director of the Trinidad & Tobago Government Folklore Archives 1969-72 and during several stays in different parts of Africa, South Asia and Latin America he has pursued research in many music cultures, especially on the interaction between music and technological developments, music industry and media across national borders.


1973-83 he was director of the Department for Research and Development at the Swedish Institute for National Concerts, 1983-99 director of the Stockholm Music Museum and 1999-2005 the first general director of The Swedish National Collections of Music which included The Music Library of Sweden, The Stockholm Music Museum and The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research. 1983-93 he was a member of the Executive Board of International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), 1995-99 vice president of ICTM and 1999-2005 president of ICTM. 1987-2014 he was president of the Swedish National Committee of ICTM. He has also served on several Swedish Government Committees.


1979-92 he collaborated with media researcher, economist and composer Dr. Roger Wallis in major international research projects such as The Music Industry in Small Countries (1979-83) covering 12 countries in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and Latin America, and Media Policy and Music Activity (1988-92). 1997-2001 he directed the research project Music - Media - Multiculture.


He is the author of several books and papers on African, African-American and Arabic musics as well as Scandinavian traditional music, issues of music and rights and the music industry. He has also published a number of documentary record albums and directed TV and radio series. He is also a radio amateur with the call sign SAØABK.


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